Sparkle smiles

Just back from Malawi. Loved every minute of my time with the little Sparklers.

I tell you what, they just make you smile. Children here in Malawi are happy to get to school by 0730 (no later-comers allowed!; they play, they dance and have fun.

They are pre-school children of just 2-5 years.

Then breakfast to nourish them before some Montessori lessons and they round off with lunch.

After the little ones go home, the primary age children arrive for lunch and supplementary education from Sparkle with lots of fun activities. I was lucky enough to take part and even create an activity with my sister Suzie. I must practice paper airplanes before I suggest it as an activity again!

It has been a great experience to visit the children again and meet the inspiration Sparkle team who feed, educate and provide medical support.

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Off to Malawi

I am off to Malawi in January 2023 to visit the little Sparklers at The Sparkle Foundation.

It is over 3 years since I last visited the Sparkle School near Zomba in Malawi, one of Africa's poorest nations.

I really can't wait to reconnect with the children and staff. More news will follow .......

A Sparkling Performance

Not my usual suit!

This is Sarah Brook, Founder and CEO of Sparkle Foundation, with me at the inaugural fundraising Sparkle Ball last Friday at Braxted Hall, Essex.

It has been my privilege to support Sparkle and the little Sparklers (our children in Sparkle's School in Malawi) and I enjoy being a Sparkle ambassador.

I use my role in motorsport to raise awareness of the plight of people less fortunate in Africa's poorest country, Malawi, and my sponsors and friends have very kindly donated £55,000 over the last 4 years.

Now, using my status as a Rising Star of BRDC and a motorsport competitor, I am able to host Sparkle supporters at top motorsport events to raise essential money for Sparkle Malawi.

Change a child's world forever

This time in 2019, during my autumn half term, I was in Malawi at the Sparkle Foundation School for orphans and vulnerable children.

It's so rewarding, as these lovely kids are super excited to arrive at 7.30 in the morning to be given breakfast, to play, and to be taught by Sparkle's amazing teachers. It was a joy to meet them all and the caring staff and to see first-hand how my fundraising has enabled the building project for new classrooms and toilets to be completed.

Did you know that just £15 per month feeds, educates and provides medical care for a one child?

Your support

I continue to be a Sparkle Ambassador and would welcome your support of this great charity.

Due to Covid 19, Sparkle School had to close temporarily in 2020 and 2021 due to the social distancing measures and the infection outbreaks. So, the Sparkle team was working extra hard to provide food, education and medical support in the community. As if these children didn't have enough hardship already!

To find out more about how you can support Sparkle Malawi, please contact me at

The Sparkle Foundation

Sparkle visit to Malawi

I finally had the opportunity to visit Sparkle in autumn 2019 and was able to see the positive impact of the donations made by my supporters. The visit was very rewarding but, equally, it was humbling.

So little really does go so far in Malawi. Just £15 per month feeds, educates and provides medical care to a child.

The Sparkle Foundation

Fund raising

Over the past four years in racing, I have been an ambassador for Sparkle Malawi, a children’s day centre in one of Africa’s poorest countries, Malawi, which feeds, educates and provides medical care to young orphans and vulnerable children.

As an ambassador, I have used motorsport to raise awareness of the essential programmes provided by Sparkle and, thanks to the generosity of Gus Burton Racing sponsors, I have raised £55,000 for The Sparkle Foundation.

The Sparkle Foundation


I was inspired by Sarah Brooks, an Old-Felstedian (old student of my school), to support and fundraise for the charity she founded - The Sparkle Foundation.

The story behind Sarah's creation of The Sparkle Foundation is really moving. She became seriously ill whilst travelling on her gap year and her travel companion had to make a judgement call - whether to fly her out to S.Africa for medical treatment or seek help locally in Malawi where, as you can appreciate, the hospitals are poorly equipped and lack basic Western standards of hygiene. Her friend knew that her only chance of survival was to risk the local hospital in Malawi. When they arrived, there was a queue outside but the Malawians allowed the sick Sarah to go to the front of the queue and be treated.

Thankfully, Sarah survived to tell the tale and pledged to "give back" to the wonderfully kind Malawians. The Sparkle Foundation was founded and the Sparkle School was built. Please visit The Sparkle Foundation to find out more